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Bollywood Superhero Film – A Flying Jatt

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So yesterday I stumbled on to this trailer for an upcoming Bollywood superhero movie called “The Flying Jatt”. The tale of a young flight powered hero who is...well...afraid of heights. That simple premise what I found to be impressive visuals and physical humor in the trailer

The idea alone made me giggle and the humor in the trailer looked hilarious even if without the subtitles. The premise is about a man named Tiger Shroff who plays a struggling martial arts teacher and has troubles with a very special lady. Soon he receives superpowers and begins experimenting with them while also having to deal with his fear of heights.

While that is going on, a super villain shows up with the intent to destroy the city for his oh dastardly greedy reasons. So it’s up to our hero to save the day and stop this greedy madman’s rampage. Throw in a few dance sequences and you have what looks to be like a fun ride.

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