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Cowboys, Space and Floral Bonnets

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What happens when you take a former rebel and his nefarious crew and set them out on an outer space cruise for survival, love, money, mystery and adventure? How about a concoction of a space western, science fiction, quick-witted, gun-toting, comedy, and action television gold.
That is what the short-lived Firefly TV series was. A space drama about a war veteran named Malcolm and his ragtag team of peculiar individuals as they travel the star system to survive the dangers of bounty hunters, secret organizations, space cannibals, a corrupt government and the galaxy itself.
Firefly is a series I highly recommend to anyone who like films like Star Wars and shows like Cowboy Bebop and Star Trek. My best bud described it to me as “watching Han Solo’s adventures in space”.  Those simple words had me sold on the series almost immediately. Combine that with a cast of colorful but shady characters and I can only say that this show is worth all the praise it receives from the masses.
You probably noticed that I haven’t discussed more of the plot of the series but that’s because I don’t want to accidentally give away any possible spoilers. However I will mention that the series follows the lives of the crew of the Serenity as they tour the dangers of humanity and space itself.
From the cheeky and yet charming Malcolm Reynolds. To the mysterious and manic River Tam. Each of the main cast brings their own charm to what makes this series admired by many despite only having a short 14 episode run. Perhaps it was a show ahead of its time. Or perhaps Fox just didn’t know what to do with it. But thanks to the online fanfare as well as selling well on DVD, the series did receive a follow-up film that while entertaining, it still leaves us wondering where the series would have gone should it had received additional episodes.

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