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The Live-Action FMA Movie Wraps Up

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Recently Crunchyroll reported that filming for the live-action Full Metal Alchemist movie has wrapped up.  Something that feels rather quick considering filming began less than four months ago in early June.

It was reported via the movie’s official twitter that Hiromu Arakawa, creator of the series also visited the set herself. According to Crunchyroll, Arakawa gave words of appreciation to the film-crew and was fascinated by the delicately crafted costumes. After leaving the set, she drew an illustration for the memorial photo shoot leaving the crew inspired and excited to finish the film.

As a fan of both the manga and its two anime adaptions, I can’t wait to see how the live action movie fairs in comparison. While I may not be too fond of the blond wig seen worn by actor Ryōsuke Yamada, and considering his character is also meant to be a 12-14 year old boy.  I’m excited to see how they portray transmutations, alchemy, homunculi and Edward’s automail.


The Fullmetal Alchemist film is a Warner Brothers production. It’s scheduled for release in winter 2017 and it’s directed by Fumihiko Sori, known for his 2002 film Ping Pong and 2012’s Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

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